SP 16 & SP 19 COMB SP 16 & SP 19 巢蜜
SP 16 & SP 19 COMB SP 16 & SP 19 巢蜜 Honey Comb巢蜜系列 Melaka, Malaysia, Bukit Katil, Krubong, Ayer Keroh Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | B-B TOWN SDN BHD

The history of honey is rich in tradition. This ancient substance has been used for food, drinks, medicine, gifts for the gods, barter, cosmetics, cooking and food preservation.

Health Benefits : -
  • To promote liver function recovery, a good effect on the improvement of hepatitis.
  • Increase appetite.
  • Improve malnutrition.
  • Regulate cardiovascular system.
SP 16 & SP 19 巢蜜是由装满蜂蜜的蜂巢割成4-6片左右,然后装入瓶内。


* 能帮助调节内分泌,对老年、慢性病有良好的改善和康复作用。

* 促进肝脏机能恢复,对肝炎有良好的改善效果。

* 增加食欲。

* 改善营养不良。

* 调节心血管系统功。




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