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Honey Dew is harvested by bees from Acacia tree flowers that can found in Malaysia, This Acacia honey has a clear colour and can remains liquid form for a long time. It delicate flavor is light and floral. It is marvellous for children. Its high calcium content can help to prevent osteoporosis and slow down the process of bristling of bones.

Health Benefits:-
  1. High calcium to strengthen bones
  2. Suitable for pregnant women, the elderly and diabetics
  3. Helps the growth of children
  4. Increase energy



* 高钙强化骨骼

* 适用于孕妇,老年人和糖尿病患者

* 帮助孩子的成长

* 提高能源,

* 美容美白作用,使皮肤光滑、细腻、湿润。

* 促进消化,缩短排便时间。

* 保障睡眠。

* 提高免疫力,促进长寿。

* 增加雌激素活性。

* 促进钙吸收。


食用方法:早晚各一次,成人:2汤匙; 小孩:1汤匙。


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