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Akasia's leaves are rich in honey, bees will collect the honey from the nectar and bring the honey back to their hive for storage.

Health Benefits : -
  • Does not contain fat, its monosaccharide composition (glucose and fructose) does not need to undergo human digestion, can be automatically converted into energy which then absorbed by the body, balance blood sugar, which can reduce the sense of fasting, to avoid eating too much food.
  • Can regulate the secretion of gastric acid. If you eat honey for an hour before meals, it can inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, thereby reducing the food on the gastric mucosa stimulation.
  • Contains enzymes and minerals to improve the body's immune capacity, it can treat colds, fever and other illnesses.
  • Can improve the blood, promote the blood vessels of heart and brain, it is useful to cardiovascular patients.
  • Can quickly increase energy, eliminate fatigue, enhance the resistance to disease.
  • Keep the brain awake.
  • Can improve allergic reactions.
  • Liver maintenance effect, it can regenerate liver cell, inhibit effect of fatty liver.
  • Suitable for high blood pressure, heart disease patients, and children. It can effectively protect the cardiovascular by dilate the coronary artery, improve myocardial function and regulate blood pressure.


* 叶心蜜不含脂肪,它的单糖成分(葡萄糖与果糖)不需要经过人体消化作用,即可转化为能量被人体吸收利用,平衡血糖值,这样可以降低空腹感,避免吃下过量的食物。

* 能调节胃酸的分泌,使胃酸分泌活动正常化。如果在饭前一个小时食用蜂蜜,它可抑制胃酸的分泌,从而减少食物对胃粘膜的刺激。

* 含有酶与矿物质能提高人体免疫能力,它能治疗感冒、发烧等病症。

* 能改进血液,推进心脑和血管的作用,常常食用对心血管患者很有帮助。

* 能迅速的补充能量,消除疲劳,增强对疾病的抵抗力。

* 能保持大脑清醒。

* 能改善过敏性反应。

* 对肝脏有维护效果,它能使肝细胞再生,对脂肪肝有抑制的效果。

* 适合高血压、心脏病病人,生长发育期的儿童食用。它能有效的保护心血管,它能扩张冠状动脉和营养心肌的作用,改善心肌功能,对血压有调节的作用。高血压者如果每天早晚各一次饮用叶心蜜能保护血管和降血压的作用。


食用方法:早晚各一次,成人:2汤匙; 小孩:1汤匙。


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