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Benefits:-Wild Bee (also known as row of bees) are wild bee species, their hives and honeycombs are arranged in a row of trunks. The collection of wild honey in Malaysia is mainly obtained from Apis sp. The honey content of the honey is relatively high (about 26-27%), which may increase the activity of the yeast to ferment the honey. Wild honey collection is seasonal because it relies on the surrounding trees and the flowering season. The taste of honey will be different according to the collection of flowers.
  • Supplement the nutrients needed by the body
  • Promote metabolism
  • Promote sleep and enhance memory
大蜂(又称野蜂或排蜂)属于野生蜜蜂品种,它们的蜂窝和蜂巢都是呈排形悬筑在树干上。在马来西亚野蜂蜜的收集主要是从Apis sp.获得。大蜂蜜的水份含量比较高(大约26-27%),这可能会增加酵母菌的活动使蜂蜜发酵。野蜂蜜采集是有季节性的,因为它依赖于周围的树木和开花季节。蜂蜜的味道会根据大蜂所采集的花类而有所不同。


* 补充人体所需的营养成分

* 促进新陈代谢

* 促进睡眠、增强记忆力

* 助于润喉

* 高矿物质

* 促使胃酸正常分泌, 帮助肠道蠕动

* 抗氧化

* 保护肝脏

* 润肺止咳

* 延年益寿

* 抗疲劳

* 保护心血管

* 促进组织再生


食用方法:早晚各一次,成人:2汤匙; 小孩:1汤匙。


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