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Propolis Balm is a composite of biological substance produced by honey bees as a natural antibiotic that may accelerate the regeneration of skin tissue damaged by sun exposure or burns as well as relieves irritations.
Propolis Balm will assist the enhancement of complexion by increasing the blood circulation to the skin at the same time provides a natural antibacterial shield.
Mother Nature’s Propolis Balm developed purposely for the modern day skin conditions due to consistent exposure to the sun and various polluted environmental issues. It provides that confidence of hygiene and antibacterial without a doubt.
Regular usage of this product has been known to act as an aid in cases of various skin conditions including acne, insect bites, and others minor skin irritation.
Test has shown that Propolis Balm is normally non-irritant to skin, non-sensitizing and well tolerated in all skin types. However irritation and/or hypersentivity may occur if applied directly to sensitive parts of the body. If contacted with the eye immediately flush with plenty of clean water then obtain prompt medical attention if required.

蜂胶是蜜蜂所采集到的树脂物质;蜂胶生产的国家分布于全球各地,但是蜂胶的成分会随着地理环境、自然生态、蜂种与植物生长而有所不同。 蜂胶膏具有天然抗生素,抗菌力,它能減少皮肤细菌感染。


* 天然的抗生物质 - 蜂膠有100%的杀菌效果

* 可用于烫伤,烧伤,止痒,消肿。


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