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Generally, bee larva is the child of various bee kinds or more precisely, the male larvae and harvested shortly prior to hatching. Bee larva is brought up on honey and pollen. But honey becomes a calorie source, so it’s conceivable that the nutritional component is derived from the pollen, same as Royal Jelly.

Medicinal Effect of Bee Larva: -

  1. Maintains and improve total mental function
  2. Increases and assists in positive Chi energy effect
  3. Strengthens immune system
  4. Improvement of gray hair, balding and fallen hair and more beautiful skin
  5. Tinnitus, hearing disability and dizziness are improved
  6. Frequency of nocturnal urination is reduced and as a result enhances sleep
  7. Improvement in lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease
  8. Menstrual pain and irregularities and menopausal symptoms improved
  9. Overcome fatigue and avoid colds and influenza
蜂子蜜是由蜂蜜与蜂子混合在一起的天然产品。蜂子是女王蜂的幼虫,在王巢中长大。女王蜂子又称为3日蜂子,蜂农为生产蜂子,必须先收集蜂王乳的王巢中放入约3 日的蜂幼虫,工蜂们为了养成新的女蜂王,会不断的分泌一种乳白色凝胶状分泌物 - 蜂王乳喂食该王巢中的女蜂子,待王巢中的蜂王乳填滿后即可進行采收。因此女王蜂子吃的食物只有蜂王乳,其营养价值很高。 蜂子的主要成分是胺基酸(蛋白质的构成成分)、维生素和矿物质,它们都容易被人类吸收利用,是人类的活力来源。隨著卵到幼蟲到蛹的成长,体內的胺基酸也会增加。


* 除头疼、补虚

* 久服对人有光泽、脸色好、不易衰老

* 治好重听、恢复听力

* 提升精力、消除失眠、 头昏眼花、腰疼、肩膀酸疼

* 增强体力

* 改善及停止掉发

* 解除频尿

* 降低高血压

* 改善及停止掉发

* 解除频尿

* 降低高血压



早晚各一次,成人:2汤匙; 小孩:1汤匙。


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