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Melaleuca Honey is honey that collected  by bees from the nectar of the Melaleuca flowers.

Health Benefits : -
  • Contains nutrients that can provide nutrition for surface cells.
  • Can promote children's growth and development.
  • Can promote longevity, conditioning the body function, to restore good health.
  • Contains iron, can effectively improve anemia.
  • Can nourish and improve myocardial metabolism.
  • Can expand the coronary blood vessels.
  • Long-term consumption of honey can improve stomach pain and heartburn, and can improve the gastric acid back to normal.
  • When the weather is dry, you can use a little honey with water to reconcile, and then rubbed on the skin, which can prevent dry skin.
千皮蜜(Melaleuca Honey)是蜜蜂采集于千层树/千皮树花朵中的花蜜,千皮蜜的花味较重,浓香,颜色金黄带深,入口即尝到浓郁的花香味!千皮树生长与热带与沼泽的地方,一年有七个月都会开花,是蜂农的主要蜜源。蜂农通常会把蜂箱放置在千皮树的周围以让蜜蜂采集大量的蜂蜜。


* 千皮蜜含有的营养成分可以为表面细胞提供营养。

* 能促进儿童生长发育。

* 能促进长寿,调理身体机能,恢复身体健康。

* 含有铁和叶酸成分,能有效的改善贫血。

* 能营养和改善心肌的代谢。

* 蜂蜜能扩张冠状血管管,对心绞痛有一定的缓和作用。

* 长期食用蜂蜜能使胃痛和胃灼热感消失,并能使胃液酸度恢复正常。

* 当天气干燥的时候,可用少许的千皮蜜与水一起调和,然后涂擦于皮肤,这可防止皮肤干裂。


食用方法:早晚各一次,成人:2汤匙; 小孩:1汤匙。


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