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This unique formula of natural ingredients with their powerful anti-bacterial, antioxidant and moisturizing properties helps cleanse, protect, nourish and rejuvenate skin effectively. Propolis Face Cleanser help to cleans, moisturizes and rejuvenates all types of skin.

Benefits of Propolis Face Cleanser: -
  1. Removes impurities to leave skin clean and smooth.
  2. Helps treat pimples and infection.
  3. Protects the skin against dermatitis.
  4. Helps rejuvenate skin with powerful antioxidant properties of propolis.
  5. Helps heal skin from wounds with honey content that helps stimulate growth of tissues.
  6. Helps maintain moisture balance in the skin with honey, a well-known ingredient that moisturizes conditions and nourishes skin.
蜂胶洗脸液含有蜂蜜提取物,可收缩毛孔,保湿,修复,滋润脸部和颈部肌肤, 还能保持皮肤柔软清爽。

蜂胶洗脸液的好处: -

* 去除杂质,使皮肤清洁和光滑。

* 帮助治疗粉刺和感染。

* 保护皮肤免受皮炎。

* 蜂胶的强大的抗氧化性能有助于恢复肌肤。

* 有助于皮肤伤口愈合及刺激组织的生长

* 有助于保湿,滋润和滋养皮肤。

* 适合所有类型的皮肤。

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