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Drenching your hair with propolis leaves your scalp cleansed and your hair thick, shiny, and softly luxurious in two amazing formulas; Hydrating and Strengthening. Propolis is made from tree sap, beeswax, and honey bee magic (enzymes). It protects the beehive and your scalp, too. This key ingredient promotes a vital scalp and incredibly clean hair.

Benefits of Propolis Hair Shampoo: -
  1. Deeply cleanses without irritating scalp.
  2. Maintains hair’s natural shine and hydration, without weighing it down.
  3. Works to strengthen hair texture and improves elasticity, forming a protective shield against environmental damage.
  4. Has antibacterial properties that many find effective for treating scalp infections.
  5. Help remove build-up from other hair-care products and is good for decreasing oil in hair that is naturally greasy and for treating dandruff.
  6. Make hair shinier and stronger.
蜂胶洗发水含有蜂蜜提取物,是一种不会刺激头皮的洗发水,深层清洁功能,有效去除残留在发丝上的杂质, 使头发更洁净和强韧。本产品也能促进发丝健康成长,保护发丝。


* 保持头发的自然光泽

* 具有抗菌性能,能够有效治疗头皮感染

* 可以帮助清除油性头发和治疗头皮屑。

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